3 Actions To Take Today To Prepare Your Garden For May!

Re-Amend The Soil

If you are working in the same garden for several years in a row, it is a common practice to be sure to re-amend the soil to make sure that you don’t end up with any soil-based illness that could harm you and your plants that you are wanting to grow. Be sure to throw down and mix-in some fresh nutrients to keep your soil healthy through the late fall and early winter season. 

Plant Bulbs For Spring

Like we’ve mentioned time and time again, it’s crunchtime for you to plant those bulbs if you want blooms come spring. Planting bulbs is the easiest way to ensure you will have the best odds of catapulting fresh plants and crops that will rise and flourish first thing in the spring. Be cautious as some plants will thrive and have even better odds when planted before winter and others even better odds after the cold winter months. 

Save The Seeds

Seed Saving is a technique that’s not necessarily well known and a tactic that’s commonly used amongst the gardening community. This act is when you “save” seeds from one year to another and attempt to plant them anywhere from 1-2 years after initial planting that's originally unsuccessful. It’s also smart to store these seeds in a cooler part of the house such as your garage or basement. As long as they are properly stored in a chilly and cool environment, you can reuse them up to two years from the initial storage. 

We do want to preface you to know that all plants and crops will successfully grow and flourish years later. As any true gardener knows, there’s no guarantee - especially when attempting seed saving should really be left as a last resort if you really want to bring your favorite plans or crops back to life. 

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