4 Tips For Creating A Instagram Worthy Garden This Summer

Now that we have officially turned the calendar to June, it’s no surprise that summer is officially here. As more and more people are spending mornings, evenings, and weekends outside our team at Gardener’s Paradise wanted to share a few tips and tricks from our experts to help you create an instagram worthy garden. 

Create A Gathering Place
As much time we spend working and perfecting our gardens, we think it’s worth also making it a place to rest and relax. Simply add in some outdoor patio furniture to dress up and create a space where memories can be made for the summer months to come. 

Bring Out The Stain 
If you have a patio or deck near your garden, chances are it could use some TLC. Simply pull out the power-washer or bring out the stain to bring your space back to life while making a statement that compliments your nearby garden. 

Raise The Bar
Too often, everyone thinks that flowers and garden decor has to be left to be put on the ground or just put on some steps. We like to suggest raising the bar and adding some exterior shelves on the side of your house, shed, or even larger trees to elevate your space. 

Pave A Path
Simple additions to your garden can make such a big impression. Depending on the size of the area you are working with, add in some stepping stones and pave a path around your backyard oasis. 

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