4 Tips To Getting Your August Garden Back In Shape

It seems like each fall the questions begin to come in with customers asking how they can save their gardens and get them back in shape for a late fall or early spring bloom. Our team at Gardener’s Paradise has compiled four common tips and tricks from our team's garden to yours. 

Plant New Perennials & Shrubs

If you have lost the battle this fall, it’s never too soon to start getting ready for spring. The August-September time frame is the perfect time to think about planting perennials and shrubs that will grow throughout the winter and bloom next spring. 

Consider Utilizing Fertilizer

If you apply fertilizer now, you’ll have plants that are more likely to survive the winter freezing temperatures. Be sure to apply fertilizer to your shrubs, flowers, and trees now! 

Win The Weed War

Getting down and dirty to pull weeds by hand is not fun for anyone. Make sure you win the weed war by weeding out excess germinating seeds from your garden the moments after a fresh rain when the soil is still moist. 

Score Some Bargains From The Garden Center

As summer comes to a close, if you play your cards right there’s a good chance you can score a bargain or two from your favorite garden center. What your local garden center might consider left-overs could be a gold mine for your garden just at the perfect time. Make friends with your local garden shop employees and they’ll typically tip you off when predicted sales are set to hit the shelves! 

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