Have you ever heard of these myths that people are spreading about gardening?

There are all kinds of myths and old wives tales about gardening. Some make sense but others are complete nonsense. This article is here to separate fact from fiction so that you can be a smart gardener." Let’s start with three. 

  • It’s Always Best To Water Your Grass Everyday
  • False. Too much water or rain can start to do damage! If you constantly water your grass or plants on a daily basis, that water can begin to flood the roots and not nurture and ruin your grass and plants. 

  • Green Is Green. Grass Is All The Same. 
  • When your brown or black grass turns and finally becomes green, it’s a huge win! Is every color of green the best of the best? In fact, many types of grass won’t survive depending on the environment and types of requirements needed. 

  • Each Spring Is Always The Best Time To Seed 
  • Not quite. It turns out, depending on the type of grass and plants you are planning - spring may not be the best time! Be sure to check the instructions, sometimes fall is better than spring. Read the fine print and be in the know. 

    Like all other professions, such as the medical field, gardening has its fair share of myths. Over the years, a lot of people have spread these myths that people continue to believe even today. I’m sure by now you have heard many of them. Aside from these three, what myths have you heard of? 

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