How To Choose The Right Sized Wreath

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     Looking for the perfect size wreath? Whether it's an addition to your holiday or everyday decor, Ballard designs provides the following for two of the most popular wreath sizes.

    A 24" wreath is just the right size for a standard 36" wide door. Ideally, the wreath should be hung 14"  from the top of the door so it hangs in the center.  See the image above as an example. 

   Our most popular 24" sized wreath is the Snowy Magnolia Berry seen below. It is currently on sale for $62.64



     A 36" wreath is best for over-sized doors, since it will fit flush with the width of a standard size door. While Ballard designs recommends the 36" for over-sized doors, if you don't use your front door often, the 36" wreath can provide a dramatic look.

    Our most popular 36" wreath is the Poinsettia And Pine Wreath seen below.


    What size wreath do you use on your doors?  Gardener's Paradise is for everyone who doesn't have a green thumb and would love to turn their home, patio, or office into a spectacular garden paradise with artificial plants at your fingertips. For inside or outside use.

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  • I love your products. I’ve made many purchases and have always been extremely happy with each product. Very reasonably priced for such high quality.

    John Zappitelli

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