How To Protect Your Yard From Fireworks This 4th Of July!

As we enter a long holiday weekend for many, we want to take some time to give you some fresh tips and tricks anyone can use to help protect your yard from fireworks this 4th of July! 

Reason 1: Cover Up Your Favorite Plants!

Reason 2: Be Aware Of Flying & Falling Debris

Reason 3: Keep A Water Hose Handy

Reason 4: Be Cautious Of Your Surroundings

That’s it. Those are our top 4 ways you can protect your yard and everything in it from fireworks that are being shot off as we enter into the 4th of July Holiday Weekend. From all of us at Gardener’s Paradise, we remind you to be safe if you are shooting off fireworks this weekend and to be cautious of those around you if you are planning to be around those who may be shooting them off as well.

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