It’s Officially Fall, Y’all.

When the calendar officially rolled past September 22nd yesterday, that signaled the official turn and transition from summer to fall. Depending on your current location, the temperature may not yet reflect that transition - but it is certainly right around the corner. 

You may be wondering, how does it already fall when the leaves haven’t even changed yet? Typically, October is the month when the leaves start changing and hitting the ground. THis is dependent on a myriad of things, but our friends over at have helped put together a guide that helps pinpoint when to expect that fall foliage transition in your neck of the woods. 

  • Leaf Fall Dates in the Northeast: You’ll see peak fall color in mid-October. In northern parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, you could see this as early as late September. Tree leaves will start falling either early or late October – about a week after peak color.
  • Leaf Fall Dates in the Midwest: Expect leaf color to be the best around mid-October. Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan will see this a bit sooner in early October. Leaves will then begin to fall a week later, so mid-to-late October.
  • Leaf Fall Dates in the South: Leaves in the South will showcase peak color in late October or early November. In West Virginia, east Tennessee, western Virginia, or western North Carolina, you could see this in mid-October. Leaves will then fall one week after that, so anywhere from late October to mid-November.
  • Leaf Fall Dates in the West: Leaves in the West will change in early or mid-October. In Washington, Oregon and Northern California, you’ll see peak leaf color in late October. Denver leaves change the earliest in late September. Leaves will fall about one week later, so anywhere from early to late October.


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